Programme Reclaim the Seeds 2018 in Rottedam

There are a number of topics on the program that come back almost every year, simply because they are part of the core values of Reclaim the Seeds. Of course, this concerns a lecture about how to start with seed saving yourself. The takeover of Monsanto by Bayer will of course receive the necessary attention. In addition, there will also be an update about the relationship between climate change and agriculture.

Urban agriculture
There are also workshops for beginning vegetable gardeners every year. Because of the collaboration with ERGroeit, there is even more attention to urban agriculture. From 'wildplukken in de stad' (wild picking in the city) via 'moestuinieren voor beginners' (vegetable gardening for beginners) and 'zelf opzetten van een teeltplan' (setting up a cultivation plan yourself) to 'zelfvoorzienend leven' (living self-sufficiently). You can also see how to put together a worm compost bin and to learn more about food forests.

Theme: innovation from below
Because Reclaim the Seeds + ERGroeit is taking place in BlueCity the choice was made to give extra attention to innovation. There are various small-scale projects in the building who are working with agriculture, food and sustainability in an innovative way. Cultivating mushrooms on coffee grounds, creative reuse of old construction materials and making leather out of fruit. They are creating a world without waste.
With the workshop program we make the connection to this with a workshop about participatory plant breeding, where farmers together develop new varieties instead of being dependent on the products of large seed companies. In addition, there will be a lecture on new types of GMOs where the particulars of these techniques are discussed.
Work is still being done on a program component about innovative hardware (equipment and small machines) for the small-scale agriculture, this is therefore still subject to change. And of course, there will be a tour throughout the building with explanations about the present companies and projects.

Special guest
As special guest we can welcome Ansar Hevi. Just like last year in Nijmegen she will explain about the important and dangerous activities of the The 15th Garden, a network of urban gardens in besieged areas Syria and in refugee camps in the surrounding countries. The availability of good seeds is crucial for those projects. But Ansars talk has a link with innovation as well; an important task of the network is to facilitate the exchange of tutorials and information about urban garden techniques that make food production in hard conditions possible.

The times and locations of the workshops you can find in a schedule. More information about all workshops is available on the website of ERGroeit.

For the workshops there will be system with (free) tickets for a part of the seats. This way you can try to ensure a place in your favourite part of the workshop programme. More information about the tickets you can get at the info stall at the entrance.

Childrens programme

10:30 - 14:00 Cityplot and de Snoepjestuin facilitate:

- making seed bombs;
- create a Rangoli (a large colourful pattern made of different types of beans);
- making small pots and fill them with soil and seeds;
- knutseling (creating things) with natural materials.

14:00 - 17:00 met IVN

- creating your mini garden.

10:30 - 17:00 De stad uit

- build your own bow and arrows.