Reclaim The Seeds Leuven - March 10 maart 2018

The Flemish seed department of Velt has been a loyal participant to the Reclaim the Seeds weekends in the Netherlands for years, and since 2016 they have also been organizing a version in Flanders. There is a Reclaim the Seeds seed fair in the Provinciehuis of Flemish Brabant on Saturday March 10, 2018.

We are expecting approximately 1000 participants: private individual gardeners, representatives of over 100 local departments and specialists in the area of seed breeding and sales.

It is a special edition. One where Velt VZW also welcomes all departments, teachers and garden owners for lectures, meetings and workshops. Where collaborative gardeners are helping each other substantively and collaborative cooking groups get inspired. A wider audience than in other years, but all with the same ideas and interests.

'Reclaim The Seeds' seed trade fair offers the opportunity to purchase special, varying types of seeds and tubers. Experts in passing on seeds, 'Zaden Voor Iedereen', will organize a free trade table this time in order to simplify trading. Of course, the Zadenwerkgroep (Seed Work Group) will be there with the Tomatentest 2018. Bring your excess of seed material to our fair and trade it for other materials, which will be ready on the tables in abundance.

Start: 10:00, end: 17:00.
Adsress: Provincieplein 1, 3010 Leuven. This is right next to the station of Leuven.
Access price: 3 euro.

What do you offer?
Organic seeds, seedlings and planting material! Any other products should be left at home. We do not check labels, but assume good intentions and correct working method of all who participate with the fair.

Information and labels
As organizers we assume that everyone offering seeds, tubers and cuttings, also provides the necessary information along with it. This includes the name of the type and the variety (preferably both in Dutch and the scientific name), the year in which the seed was harvested, the origin, any particulars (soil type, climate and weather conditions) and the name or the e-mail address of the person that has multiplied the seed. If this is not listed on the bags, make sure that the recipients themselves have the opportunity to note this down.

Looking for volunteers and helping hands
Are you enjoying everything that we are creating and do you want to work along with a stand, please send us an email. All volunteers will be offered a warm meal after the fair and a drink somewhere in the process.

You can expect the final updates soon on the website of the Velt-Zadenwerkgroep: